Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Must See Etsy Shop - Zoe and Doyle

I lost my wedding band a long time ago and have always wanted to replace it. I just have never been able to find something unique or that stood out. I came across this Etsy shop Zoe and Doyle and just had to share it. The wedding bands are beautiful and colorful! Now I just have to decide which one I am going to buy.

I love this set! Masculine, but the ladies ring is still dainty. My husband lost his ring long ago too, so a set like this would be perfect!

This is such a great shape. From their description it looks like you can get this ring in whatever finish you want. They make the ring once you order it.

This one is great! The color can be changed to any that they offer.

Wood on ring? Stop the madness! How beautiful is this?

Their prices are great too, this ring is only about $60 and they can add engraving for a small additional cost.

I could go on and on because all the rings are worth mentioning. But click HERE to see their entire selections.

Thanks for browsing with me!

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